Sunday, 1 November 2015

London Route Master

We have long been fans of the route master & have a great collection of sentimental destinations in our own home. In particular the 137 which not only did I used to catch to get to The Royal College of Art but years later it was also my preferred transport home when I worked at both M & S Baker Street & later Debenhams design team. When we got married I really did want to get the 137 from outside our house to Battersea Park but my Brother in law stepped in & insisted on a gorgeous vintage Rolls Royce. Respect to the timeless font by Gill Sans, a perfect example of less is more & an iconographic British Typogropher. So I resist the inspiration no longer & hopefully this week will see the launch of Bus Blind Inspired wash bags & compact mirrors!
Sneaky peak below!

For a selection of bus blinds see

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