Thursday, 31 March 2011

Progressive Greetings Live

With Country living over (phew) we head towards Progressive Greetings. Had to get a press release off & the last thing I do...besides this blog post! Probably loaded with spellinz but if it wasn't it wouldn't be me!
Coming of Age
Complimenting the newly launched Fontastic collection and in response to demand Lovehart is delighted to introduce six new age Birthday cards 18,21,30,40, 50 & 60 bringing this range to eighteen designs.
Created with the Lovehart vintage letter press  in a vibrant resonating colour palette these lovely designs
are a perfect balance of new design combined with vintage influences. Looking for a hand scripted aged paper for the reverse of the cards resulted in this creative duo using a section of original deeds for their own house, look carefully!
01803 839267
PG Stand 842 Springboard

Not on the High Street

Just like the 137 bus you wait for 1/2 hour then 3 come along at once. (My blogs that is not the bus!)

After nearly a year of blood, sweat & tears we are live on Not on The High Street. Already sent our first few things off to customers. Lot's more to go on in the next few months so it will be ever changing.
So hooray we are open please come & have a look!

New Baby Hart

Now the important bit! The new addition to our Lovehart team is Cookie or Blossom or Cookie Blossom, a gorgeous Springer Spaniel Pup. The lead purchase at Country living set this chain of events into unstoppable motion.  Expect lots of doggy inspired work & thoughts to come from Lovehart or at least lots of work marked with doggy paws & dribble. Still deciding on the name....

Country Living Show

We are very pleased to return home after a grueling time at Country Living. We had a great response to Simons personalised prints & met many customers & gave thousands of businness cards away. An impulse buy of a gorgeous dog lead (we don't have a dog) from Joy at Scrufts
has prompted events to run away with us & we have an exciting new addition to the Lovehart family. More later!!!! For now a few pictures of the stand, which was in the darkest corner of the uppermost room of the most forgotten area of the Businness Design Centre, NEVER AGAIN!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

We had some very interesting chats with a lovely lady called Charis at nameart about Tweeting.
As much as I am unsure about this I think we must try & understand it... Not sure even how to add it to this blog....How much Social Networking do people have time for? Am I showing my age & being a grumpy ol lady! Still prefer the feathery type of tweets.

Country Living

We will exhibit at Country Living for the first time next week. This may well be the only time as we have decided to concentrate on our trade customers & it is very hard to leave home for this long with 2 small children. So a great chance to sell directly to the public pack & unpack the car again! Poor Simon.

Personalised Pictures

We now have a little selection of work on canvas ready to supply for personalisation. Tina Gallacher at Little Mischiefs will the first to sell them on line & hopefully Not on The High Street if I ever manage to f
get us live on it! Available as 40cm  & 30cm canvas prints & 40cm mounted paper prints. They can be with the customer in 5 - 10 days from receipt of order. We need to figure out a way to offer this to the retailers who buy our work already....

Monday, 14 March 2011

Persoanlized Canvases

After 2 years of playing around with personalized prints we finally have something nearly ready to sell. Thankyou to Tina at Little Mischiefs for a much needed nudge & Charis at Name Art for sharing her knowledge. Now on a personal dead line to be live on Not On The High Street a year after joining!!! Where did the last 12 months go?

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Lovely New Stockists!!

Before we launched our venture we dragged our kids on a road trip identifying our dream stockists. Family & friends were dispatched on a similar brief. We are brimming with pride & excitement that we are now working with many of these meccas of retail loveliness and lovehart wares are creeping out across the country in many of GREAT britains finest retail establishments. Just a few of our fantastic stockists pictured above.
Sorry  not enough space to mention everyone, who can all be found at:- stockists