Friday, 15 January 2010

Very Special Mama Kitty Heirloom

This little book is the one I can remember my Mother consulting the most. So fantastically used it's so handled & repaired which makes it extra special.  Full of fab old fashioned dishes, all very lardy & fattening!! On this theme we are having a big goulash with suet dumplings tonight just like the mama used to make.
Thank you to Be Ro, what a history & still going!

Mama Kitty's old mags!

Well under way now with my set of 12 cards to go with Simon's 'Young at Hart'. These were started back in October .
Really enjoying using some of my mothers old magazines & recipes within these images. At the time you do not realize how precious these kind of memories from childhood will become. Mothers that have a few good recipes tucked in their pinnys leave a footprint on our hearts in our taste buds that no one else can ever achieve.
So pleased to have an opportunity to bring some of these pages back to life!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

New Splash Design with Minty at Top Drawer

Top Drawer this weekend & Minty Designs have added to the Splash range with 10 new designs to bring the range to 34. I better mention that these were designed by me (Theresa) using Simon's paintings & general messy marks. I created concepts & cut them out of the paintings using photoshop. Here is a taster of the new ones....

Looking forward to seeing them at the show & working out how we will use our space when we come to exhibit at Top Drawer ourselves in September.

Simon Photoshop Taster

As a gift of 'love' I enrolled Simon on a photoshop taster course next week. I thought he would leap for joy at the prospect of sharing some digital knowledge with me but instead he went into some state of shock.

Here's hoping he will be inspired to do the beginners course. Sometimes it is best that those close to you learn from someone else.....

Friday, 8 January 2010

Lovehart website

So blog has been neglected due to my obsessional nature & having my head buried deeply in the website. Really enjoying listening to Paolo Nutini & The killers while working by the way...
This year seems so short with all we have to try &  get done but hey that is what makes life exciting!! I need adrenalin on tap! Oh so want to get this finished & online.

So a sneak peak at the web site which now it has gone off for some technical wizardry will probably look nothing like this by the time it goes live! Well this was how I /We imagined it might look....

Applying for Top Drawer Autumn 2010

Just putting together our application for Top Drawer Autum 2010. Took a quick pick of some of the samples in Simon's Liberty fabric....

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy Christmas & New Year!!

So New years resolution to keep up to date with the blog!!!
Have been so focused on finishing the web site that I have neglected to blog.
As  we have not told too may people about it I will not feel too guilty this year!
Simply the best Christmas ever with family in Wales. We received a lovely hand made ginger house & Simon made us a lovely card with those handy printers letters we acquired.
Happy Christmas to anyone following us early in our blogging & lovehart adventure. x