Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Good for the Goose!!

Working with a small group of 2nd Year fashion students at Plymouth College of Art, I have got them all blogging. However like me they are losing a little momentum & need a little inspiration to keep it live.
My excuse is still the initial set up of Lovehart which is still dominating everything. Web site live 1st April!
It occurred to me that is what is 'good for the goose is good for the gander' & I should equally respond to some of the suggestions I am giving the students. Photos from our past have lasting impressions on our sense of style & subconsciously influence our creative identity.  Inspired by The Sartorialists recent vintage photograph competition I have asked the students to identify a vintage photograph of a member of their family or friends which they feel has a sense of style & explain the impression it has left on them. Here are a few of ours!

My Aunt in black cardi was a doyen of fashion. Fantastic figure, my Mother told me she looked stunning in everything so my early years I was brainwashed that this was the epitome of style. Love those glasses, the twin pearl choker, circular skirt & strappy sandals. Nothing was designer & all 'make do & mend' but some how this Aunt always managed to look like she had just stepped off the set of a movie.  In contrast my Mothers pencil skirt & serious shoes. 

The 1950's period influences me all the time, not just the obvious feminine edge but the post war feeling, boys clothes,  & my Fathers uniforms. A large part of my parents lives were in Uniform. Always beautifully made in great quality fabrics. (Early uniforms here, early 40's) Those fantastic turn backs on my Father & Brothers 100% wool socks. My Mother in the Wraf stylish cotton jump suit. My brothers wool short suit with fully lined shorts & tie. My son wears a few of these things now!
Not strictly period pic but 'vintage look' of me circa 1989.
This impromptu shot won a competition & featured in a magazine for a student photographer friend of mine. When I see this I am always reminded of the quick shoot & how getting something right does not have to be a laborious affair.

Simons Mother who is always stylish here in her wedding dress in the 60's. Her Mother on the right. Wow that Marcel wave & is that astrocan  cuffs & collar?

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Web site getting closer!

Can not contain my excitement as we get closer to finishing this web site.
Aghhh 2 creatives under 1 roof does not make for easy progress!!
However we both bring different skills to the pot.
Next time I get married I think a builder or plumber might be easier!
Applicants in writing please.