Saturday, 6 June 2015

Best Selling Card

Great to have another order from Nick at Blue Heron our USA distributor for this design. A quick reprint as we could not rise to 1200 any more. Destined I think for Barnes & Noble...?? officially Loveharts best selling card.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Lovehart has been Busy for Simon Hart

I have been totally tied up this year busy building online presence, blog, FB, Twitter, Pinterest & much more (all the product for him!) that sadly what is left of Lovehart has been very neglected. Simon's strengths are not on the computer (but neither are mine!!) Lovehart has for the last 5 years been primarily a wholesale business which saw us supply over 600 UK retailers & distribute all over the world. However we have evolved now to separate our work & I am very much looking forward to taking Lovehart in a new direction. No longer wholesale & much more about personalised heirloom style gifts. Had a very inspiring trip to London for Not on the High Street Make Do & Meet & now just trying to focus on getting all of Simon's online presence under my belt so I can focus on redirection of  Lovehart, hopefully by September. At least everything I have learnt in the process for Simon I can use to hopefully even greater advantage going forwards....