Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Another Road Trip...

Our 1/2 term holiday is a big round robin to visit several suppliers. I regret we are dragging the kids with us, but they will get to see a few old friends on route.  Need to spend less time in the car in 2010!

Saturday, 6 February 2010


Finally when we were in London to see January Top Drawer we made it to the new Anthropologie store. A feast of visual merchandising ideas & general creativity from all angles. Breathtaking living wall of plants scaling all 3 floors of the store.  Fascinated by the amazing recycled chandeliers by Magpie Using baths of lentils to display fragile items such a great idea. Huge industrial antiques both for sale & used as display hardware. Organic twiddly bits over the cash desk, super attention to detail with hand typed  signage on old papers & cards, wonderful old embroidery markers as a wall display, I could go on & on......

Top Drawer

Well good news we have been accepted to show our new venture at Top Drawer September 2010.
Seems like a long time but feels just around the corner with everything we need to have ready.