Friday, 11 February 2011

Boys or Girls

With Simon away for a few days I have time to spot the joyful differences between boys & girls domestic habits.... finding some little treasure left for me. So which one is the boys puree tube & which one is the girls????? I think this picture says more than words!

Spring Fair NEC

Fantastic show we are now swimming in orders (a good place to be) & packing for our lives!
Amazing what you can achieve in a 2met square cupboard. Good job we are married really.

A big woo hoo as we spread a little lovehart globally after meeting lovely distribution companies in Switzerland, Australia & New Zealand. Simon still on his way back after staying for the whole show whilst I came home to the small people. Absence makes the 'Hart' grow fonder!!! Forgive that one.
Ohhher we look a little older in that top pic.... perhaps we are a little older, when did that happen!