Monday, 6 September 2010

Thank you's

So only a few days to go & I have neglected the blog AGAIN!! I obviously need help. However this is a great opportunity to say thank you to a few of the kind people who have helped us in large & small ways to get to this point. Some may not even remember, however their recommendations have been gold dust. Our Oscar thank you moment! We have asked advice of many, these people were obviously the most confident with their work & generous in spirit to a new company starting out. It was a tough learning curve. Trying to manufacture in the UK in 2010, it has been  hard to find the best manufactures & suppliers & many people are very reluctant to share their sources. From the bottom of our 'Harts' Thank so much for your help!

Linda at Hot Paws & Trogg - When no one else would help us find an accessory manufacturer.
Simon & Caroline Drew - 11 years worth of advice & inspiration!
Kali at Square Card Company - For letting us pick her brains.
Owaboo - She has probably forgotten the generous advice she gave us at the NEC
Saj at Minty Designs - Always so generous with her sources & advice.
Anna Thomas & Anjeli Marsh - For support & always honest objective opinions.
Sian O'Donnell at Strawberry Card Company. Another South West company with fabulous work who has been so generous with advice & sources.
Mandy at Jam Tart- For help to find an accessory manufacturer.
Liz & Pip - For helping us with source to create bar codes.
Shirley Messam - For helping tomorrow with sewing!
Matt Prestage - For building our exhibition stand. (Not finished yet!)

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