Thursday, 12 November 2015

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Newly launched this week!

For now just on Not on the High Street as Christmas order now in full flow & will have to wait until New Year to get them on 

Wash Bags long overdue new colours

 Incredibly 2 years since I started these and the cream ground has been a great success.  While I have been helping Simon get his website & other platforms moving this year I have just about been able to keep a little plate spinning enough to get these ready for this Xmas on 3 new dark colour grounds with metalic print options : ) Launching on Not on the High Street this week & on my own new website in the new year..

Compact Mirrors

A perfect stocking filler we are enjoying seeing everyones 
lovely messages on these compact mirrors....

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Tis The Season..

 We are still hoping we may be able to create one more new Santa Sack this year. Last year we were delighted to send Santa Sacks to the Roonys! & have a page in Living Etc. Wonder if they had some new football boots? & if any one famous will buy this new design?..

Last Christmas Living Etc Magazine

London Route Master

We have long been fans of the route master & have a great collection of sentimental destinations in our own home. In particular the 137 which not only did I used to catch to get to The Royal College of Art but years later it was also my preferred transport home when I worked at both M & S Baker Street & later Debenhams design team. When we got married I really did want to get the 137 from outside our house to Battersea Park but my Brother in law stepped in & insisted on a gorgeous vintage Rolls Royce. Respect to the timeless font by Gill Sans, a perfect example of less is more & an iconographic British Typogropher. So I resist the inspiration no longer & hopefully this week will see the launch of Bus Blind Inspired wash bags & compact mirrors!
Sneaky peak below!

For a selection of bus blinds see

Get Well Soon Lord Grantham!

Outside of helping Simon Hart this year I have been working with our fantastic UK manufacturer on expanding our popular bags onto dark colour ways. We have perfected our printing techniques with some bespoke machinery (made in the UK!!)  just for our bags so we can offer them with waterproof lining & metalic fonts.  This has been at least 2 years in development so I am very excited to say that this week stock arrives & we can make the products live on NOT ON THE HIGH STREET. 
A sneaky peak, wraps off!

In the mean time Lord Grantham definitely needed one of these for his recent hospital admission & Cora stayed with him so we must not leave her out! x