Monday, 6 September 2010

Inspired Buys Totnes

 Bev at 'Inspired Buys on the Plains' Totnes contacted us regarding stocking our work. We paid a pit stop visit on Saturday & I have to say it is one of the most lovely shops I have been in a long time. Perhaps even better than Anthropologie (& I am a big fan) The shop is the epitome of our creative inspiration. Bev makes these amazing upcyled/recycled cake plate stands which I could not resist. It looks just fab with our sweetys & cards on it for Top Drawer. Hopefully we will get it to Top Drawer in 1 piece. If we do not take any orders on our ranges I am sure we will be swamped with requests for this plate stand!!!
Event the bottom has the cutest upside down cup & the top is a really useful tea cup. Not like any others I have seen & each one is different, making it very hard to choose..... Note back ground of pictures, no surface area is free from piles of cards & boxes being packaged!!!!
For Bevs plates contact:- 01803 847711

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  1. Hello,
    It looks lovely. Do you have their email address since I am not in the U.K.? Thank you.