Thursday, 31 March 2011

Progressive Greetings Live

With Country living over (phew) we head towards Progressive Greetings. Had to get a press release off & the last thing I do...besides this blog post! Probably loaded with spellinz but if it wasn't it wouldn't be me!
Coming of Age
Complimenting the newly launched Fontastic collection and in response to demand Lovehart is delighted to introduce six new age Birthday cards 18,21,30,40, 50 & 60 bringing this range to eighteen designs.
Created with the Lovehart vintage letter press  in a vibrant resonating colour palette these lovely designs
are a perfect balance of new design combined with vintage influences. Looking for a hand scripted aged paper for the reverse of the cards resulted in this creative duo using a section of original deeds for their own house, look carefully!
01803 839267
PG Stand 842 Springboard

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